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Unlocking the Secrets Inside the Book of Ruth

Have you read the Book of Ruth and thought, “What a marvelous love story! Ruth was so kind, and Boaz so lucky, and poor pitiful old Naomi.” Would it surprise you to discover that hidden deep inside the Book of Ruth is the timeline for all mankind – with each of us a player in this MASTERful performance? Ruth, the “allegory,” has slept concealed through three millennia, only to be awakened in these last days. She brings with her God’s end-time agenda: Jewish-Christian relations. Ruth 3,000 Years of Sleeping Prophecy Awakened will thrill you as you step back in history and astound you as you step forward into the future. Besides the twelve chapters that will take you on a verse-by-verse journey through the book of Ruth, there is bonus material on Jewish customs, traditions, and feasts that shed additional light on Ruth

Jewish Game changer

God’s Undeniable Favor on Jewish/Christian Relations